A complete community.

Millions of users have already joined a community with the Duopana platform. We use all this acquired knowledge to enhance your community's performance.

Post creation by user.

User-generated content is much more authentic and yields more engagement. Duopana facilitates and motivates users to share experiences in our posts, generating more viral and organic access to your community. All posts go through your moderation, nothing is published without you approval.

Easy and uncomplicated login.

The platform offers several ways of signing up in a simple way, in just a few clicks. By social or email login, Duopana offers a friendly experience, so you can get more members for your community. You keep the user's email in your database. Different from a social network, in your community you get in touch with the registered person whenever you want.

Group creation with levels of privacy.

You can sort out and manage your community in specific interest groups. Many of our clients use groups with restrict access to monetize original or curated content.

Monetization: charge by course, groups or registration.

Card, bank slip, recurrence. Duopana facilitates payment to your client in a secure and simple process.

Course creation with classes, modules and lessons.

Duopana is more than a distance learning platform, it is a true classroom, where students interact with the coruse, making classes more dynamic and sharing experiences. This way, it is easier for students to take new courses and recommend your course to acquaintances.

Your platform, your way.

The platform was designed so that user experience is as friendly as possible. However, you can customize it to make it look more like you or your brand.

Own domain.

You can setup your own domain for your community or place the community in a subdomain of your website, increasing organic relevance. Collaborative content production by the community in a subdomain helps your website in organic searches.

Platform customization with logo and colors, no coding.

The experience we acquire from the millions of users navigating our platform makes it have a high performace. Even so, you can customize it with your logo and colors, making it unique. All fast and easy, with no need to code.

Acquire, keep and engage users with Duopana.

Duopana offers several tools to get new members and also keep in touch and engage with the ones you already have.

Pages optimized for search engines.

In order to make your site show up with relevance in search engines, Duopana was built based on what Google considers relevant. Every post in the community is already published within technical standards of the search tool. The platform also offers a checklist to further enhance SEO performance.

Invite your friends with one click.

With Duopana, it's simple for you or members of the community to invite new people to be part of the exchange of experiences. A community begins with people from the users' closest circle and Duopana makes it easy for you.

Share buttons in social media.

When a user likes a content, the platform makes sharing very easy. Thus, the viralization odds of posts is higher. With Duopana, you use social media for your community's benefit.

User's full cycle.

Every week, registered members get automated emails with the last post of the community, keeping them updated with the hottest subjects. We also fire push notifications to the clients that accept it. This way, it's easier for a community member to come back.

Access to users emails.

You can export all emails of the members of your community to use as you see fit. When you have a Duopana commmunity, you have direct access to members in many ways, including email campaigns.

A social network of your own.

Duopana was designed so you can have your own social network, where you know the behavior and have the email of all fans. They don't belong to a big corporation, they belong to you.

Tag pages and user pages.

A community is built with connections between peope. Therefore, Duopana allows users to follow tags and other users, getting notified whenever something new happens with what or who they follow. Each registered user has their own page and is able to analyze the performance of their posts in the community.

Message system.

Users can chat between them and you can chat with them. Our chat system was made so direct communication between community members and managers can happen in a simple manner.

Analyze your performance and improve your community.

We offer a complete data analysis system so you can follow your community growth and make decisions based on data.

Friendly dashboard.

A panel where you get a strategic vision of your community. The main data in one place. You have control of the main events of your community in a single screen.

Complete Analytics.

To do deeper analysis of your community's development, we have a system in which you can daily analyze what kind of action is working better to attract new members or improve monetization.

Native integrations.

Duopana easily integrates with the following tools: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Navegg, RD Station, Stripe, Iugu and more soon.