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Why Duopana?

Communities and user-generated content are the most transforming way of taking a stand in the digital world.

Duopana has the experience and the knowledge of millions of users in five continents (Antarctica, where are you? If anyone from Antarctica is reading this, contact us, we will make a special deal).

There are hundreds of communities of the most diverse segments: experts that want to share and monetize their knowledge, brands, blogs, causes and more.

If you want to build, together with users, a community with transforming content, Duopana is the right choice.

Successful collaborative stories


Always evolving

Duopana believes in transformation. And our product is no different. Everyday, we are following the metrics of communities hosted on the platform and the behavior of users and clients. This way, new features are released constantly.

Collaborate with us through the email, take part in our support or engagement marketing communities. You help in our transformation so that we help in yours.